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I’m Christina Vernon, photographer of MelliRu. Specializing in Portrait Photography in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas. I’m not much of a writer… so it is a good thing I’m a photographer because, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. As you scroll through my gallery, I hope it is obvious that quality is not my only concern. Every session is infused with light-hearted fun. I almost always leave sessions with muddy knees and grass clippings stuck to my shirt. As a mother of three, I know how to speak “kid”. And in reference to your camera-shy family members (belligerent spouses included), I’m determined to win them over, even if that means singing silly songs or dancing a jig. So just relax and let me take care of the rest.
What is MelliRu?
How it works Derived from the latin for crows feet, “melliru” celebrates the most beautiful wrinkles in the world. Years of laughter and joy written on a face that has chosen to smile through life.



Seriously, call me now to set up your session! I'll help guide you through styling, location, and anything else you might have a question about.



Meet me, on time, at our chosen location, and I'll do the rest. I'll find the best light and showcase you and your family as you want to remember, as you really are.



After I cull and edit, I come to you and ensure you get the right crop, size and product that suits the images and your desires. I hand-deliver your order, you just unwrap and enjoy!